Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fitting The Gearbox & Reduction Boxes

Once we'd finished having a bit of fun bolting on some goodies, we turned our attention to more serious jobs - like fitting the gearbox we had re-built and then getting the reduction boxes on. Here we go through the steps of fitting the 'box and the rear suspension.

Here we have the complete gearbox balanced on a trolley jack and it is slowly raised up into position:

Almost in place, we check the alignment and the continue raising it up into its position.

And its in place and all bolted up!

Here's a side view showing the 'box all in-situ

Next we re-assemble the reduction boxes. Due to an error by someone else (nothing to do with us), we had to strip the reduction boxes, the axle tubes and re-assemble them. Here we have got the tubes back in place and are re-assembling the reduction boxes:

Here the inner reduction box case is fitted into place first:

Next the reduction gears are fitted:

Next we fit new bearings then new reduction box gaskets are fitted. Click here to buy yours!

Now the outer reduction box casing is fitted and the whole thing bolted up using new stainless steel bolts, washers & nuts:

Finally, the oil fill and drain plugs are fitted - note the red blob of paint to denote a 'service' point - these were done as the vehicles left the factory so the customer and dealers could easily identify regular service items:

Finally the rear spring plate rubbers and the outer covers were fitted to complete the rear suspension.
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  1. Thanks for the photos of the reduction gearbox. I have really enjoyed it them.

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  3. These pictures are pretty cool. Where can I learn more about reduction gearboxes?

  4. We're replacing the reduction gearbox in our door as soon as the snow melts. It's getting cranky in its old age.

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  8. Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering how to do this. This was very helpful. I now feel comfortable to fit a gearbox myself.
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